We are rating 5 with Monmouthshire County Council and have all relevant documentation in place for excellent trading standards.



Using fair trade, organic, where possible, and local products wherever in the country we trade, we are committed to giving small local suppliers our custom, keeping food miles down, helping to sustain small independent business, and keeping fuel costs to a minimum for deliveries.


All our food packaging is biodegradable and eco-friendly and 85% of our waste is recycled, leaving a minimum to landfill. We aim to buy in bulk to avoid more packaging waste, purchase only ingredients without harmful additives, and artificial colours and sell healthy alternative drinks to main stream content, avoiding big brand names. We create our food from fresh ingredients every day, enabling our customers to enjoy the theatre of food creation, full of colour and aroma and nutrition that is the speciality of The Wrap Shack We have a proven trail of trading at events where sustainability is essential and take pride in our contribution towards this.


We are constantly striving to improve our processes to limit our impact on the environment and increase our ethical credit. All our lighting is energy efficient led, which uses 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs, and carry less risk of combustion.


We use non toxic, 'Faith in Nature' Cleaning Products which are bio degradable and Eco friendly.


Our staff are paid a fair wage with additional benefits of free food and drinks and ability to trade with other caterers for meals, we're a group of like minded souls, with a love of giving our best.





 Wrap Shack Method Statement


 Arrival at the Event site

When arriving onsite, we will immediately report to the site office and register our arrival and record the number of vehicles and staff on the site. 

We will provide photo id for all staff onsite, and a list of staff and their duties and when they will be working. We may change staff for some days of the festival and will notify the site office prior to the festival opening of this detail.

All staff members will wear a standard high visibility vest for security and health and safety purposes where required.

Fire exits and the designated points will be noted, and information will be communicated to other members of staff.

Appropriate protective clothing and hand washing facilities will be made available.

Pitching our Marquees


The supervisor will make sure that there is:

  • Not less than 3 meters space between each catering trailer/unit.

  • Or at least 6 meters between large tent structure.

Unless otherwise agreed with the organisers.



The supervisor will make sure that there is:

  • Enough ventilation in the room (extractor fan, window, door).

  • That there is a clear exit route.

  • Relevant fire extinguisher & fire blanket.

  • Members of public should be kept away from the cooking area. Unless otherwise agreed with the organiser.



A designated staff member will carry out a “Fire Risk Assessment” and make sure that all Health and Safety procedures and control measures are being implemented and maintained.

All relevant documentation, haccp, fire risk assessment, food safety training, equipment certification, etc will be available and displayed if required.

A copy of all our documents and food hygiene certificates for staff will be supplied to the organisers in advance of the event.


Erection of Marquees, lighting, decor, fixtures.


Stakes and ropes will be positioned so as not to cause tripping hazard. Where this cannot be achieved stake heads will be padded and have high visibility wrapping.


Health & Safety Procedures and Dealing with Waste


There is no smoking policy within the food preparation areas, staff are only allowed to smoke away from the catering units and not whilst wearing their aprons.

On arrival, we will make ourselves aware of where the waste disposal and wet waste disposal points are.

All food waste and other refuse will be recycled where possible and deposited in the correct waste bins on a regular basis throughout the day.

Gas cylinders will be protected from interference and away from any hazards.

The public will have no access to any LPG cylinders.

All catering installations will have a valid Gas Safe Inspection report.

We will provide a plastic dustbin for the public to dispose of their litter, which will be emptied when required during the day.


Cleaning and Equipment Preparation

All work areas including all surfaces will be maintained in a good clean condition.

It is our policy and practice “to clean as we go” in addition to any regular cleaning tasks. It includes cleaning up spillages and soiling as they occur during work activities and cleaning surfaces and equipment that have been in contact with food after every use or frequent use.

Where necessary, safety equipment such as gloves, goggles etc will be provided

The Wrap Shack will ensure that all possible health and safety precautions have been taken to minimise the risk to staff and the public.


Food preparation, Storage and Handling


Regular temperature checks are taken on refrigerators, freezers, cooked, reheated and hot held foods.

These are recorded in the temperature sheets file which is maintained on each trading unit.

Raw and cooked foods kept separate and food conditions are checked regularly to avoid cross contamination and bacteria growth.

A cleaning schedule is maintained and recorded in the file

Serving Food

Our staff all have a level 2 hygiene certificate, and are experienced in the catering industry, all also have a high level of customer service skills.

Departing from the Site


When departing from the Site, our equipment will be clean, and waste deposited at the designated waste points.

Our pitch will be left clean and clear, picture evidence taken and will be inspected prior to our departure.

Electrical and gas equipment will be dismantled.

The site supervisor will report and record the time of departure, signing any relevant documentation required.