Welcome to The Wrap Shack!




Our efforts really show in the great vibe of our percussion lounge, our drum workshops and our offering of an open mic piano lounge with resident percussion and musicians.


chowder stock cooking.jpg

               Fresh Fish stock cooking!


 Hire and build is to customers needs; simply contact us to discuss your personal requirements for size, décor,

special effects, artists, crowd & crew catering, extras.



     The start of the famous chowder stock!

Our speciality of 14 years, only at Abergavenny food festival

 Belladrum festival walkway - spot the badgers!!!

It's all about the service, vibe and the food for us. 

Wonderfully different, we have a unique outlook and a

special effect. We love to gel with people, and give them the best offerings we can create; whether it's music,

décor, venue, artists or feeding people.

With over 20 years experience in many aspects of the food

and events industry, it's a simple love of sharing good

music and atmosphere, as well as  cooking and feeding

people exceptionally good food that drives us to give a

sensational food and event experience every time.  

Mouthwatering and healthy homemade food, filled with

fresh ingredients and nutrition. No preservatives or

additives, just our spices, herbs and lashings of love.

brass band and shack.jpg

 Catching the attractions without leaving our pitch!

gg around the piano.JPG

 Music Lounge in full swing with open mic artists 

calv shack pics 010.jpg

 A bespoke London Cavalcade set up.

drumming at oye.jpg

 Djembe workshops at Africa Oye Charity Event.

thai singers at eisteddfod.jpg

 LLangollen International Eisteddfodd participants very happy to find us!

swirled bunting pic.jpg
full stall 2017  vic.JPG

 A 12 m build with 8 m dining/lounge